You’re gliding silently and smoothly through the city, countryside, or along the coastline winding kilometer after kilometer on wheels that are unusually big for a scooter. You’re in a hurry to an important meeting — one of those meetings where you can’t be late. Or maybe not... You’re not in a hurry at all. You have the entire weekend ahead of you. You’re riding through the park, not thinking about anything but just enjoying the process. In any case, there is a broad smile on your face. And on the faces of those you pass by, too. Because the thing you’re riding looks like a swan. And indeed, it is SWAN: so elegant, smooth, smart, and super light that you are not riding - you are SWANNING.


The global premiere of the folding electric scooter SWAN took place at the INTERMOT 2022 exhibition in Cologne. Its design is based on advanced technical solutions and modern materials. Special attention has been given to the quality of manufacturing, which is ensured by Europe-based production. On top of that, it is so beautiful that it recently won a Red Dot Design award, so now we can’t help but shout out loud, “THIS IS SO SWAAAAN!”

The 10 Ah battery with quick-release mechanism battery provides a range of up to 35 km.

And, at your preference, SWAN can easily function as a regular kick scooter.

The original patented mechanism allows you to fold and unfold the SWAN literally with a single 2-second hand movement. When folded, the scooter is convenient for transportation and takes up little space for storage.

The big 16-inch wheels for comfortable, safe urban and travel mobility are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

Yuri Shif is a renowned man in the world of professional customizing. Over his more than twenty-year career, his workshop has successfully implemented dozens of projects of unique vehicles and machines, and the concept of perfectionism is not something abstract for him. We are sure that SWAN will serve as further confirmation of this.

At first glance, there’re plenty of options available in the market for such means of transport. How to make the right choice? It’s easy. You just need to choose the smartest, safest, super stylish and simply the best!