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This cookie policy of website describes the terms and conditions of cookie use on the website, explain the objectives of cookie use, as well as the right of the users to choose the way of the use of cookies that conforms to their requirements.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies - small files that are stored by a web browser (for instance, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and others) in user settings (on the computer, smartphone, tablet), when the user visits the website. This allows to identify the browser or store information and settings on the browser. Thus, the use of cookies enables the website to store individual settings of the user, recognise the user and appropriately react with the purpose of improving the experience of website use. Usually cookies do not contain any information that could identify the user, but your personal information may be linked to the information obtained or stored by cookies. The user may refuse to use or limit the use of cookies, but the refusal to use the cookies prevents the user from comprehensive use of the full functionality of the website. The cookies differ depending on their functions and the objectives of their use. The websites of Regula company use mandatory, functionality, analytical and targeted (advertising) cookies.

2. Mandatory or “necessary” Cookie Files

These cookies are required to enable the user to freely visit and review the website and use the options offered by the website, namely, to receive information on the products provided by Shif Mobility. These cookies identify the device of the user, while preserving the anonymity of the user. These cookies do not collect or process information. Without the use of these cookies, the website cannot comprehensively perform its functions, for instance, providing the user with the required information, ensuring the performance of the services requested from the e-store, connection to the profile or processing of orders. These cookies are stored on the device of the user until the moment, when the browser is closed.

3. Functional or preference Cookies

Thanks to functionality cookies, the website remembers the settings selected by the user and their preferences, for instance, the selected region and country, which increases the ease of use of the website. These cookies are stored on the device of the user constantly.

4. Statistical Cookies

Statistical cookies summarise information on the habits of website use, most frequently visited sections, preferred content that the user selects, while visiting the website. The received information is analysed in order to determine the interests of the user, as well as in order to improve the functionality and convenience of website use. The statistical cookies identify only the device of the user, preserving the anonymity of the user. In certain cases, instead of the owner of the website, some analytical cookies are managed by a third party - data processing operator, for instance Google Adwords at the commission of the website owner and only to serve the objectives defined by the owner.

5. Targeted or marketing Cookies

Targeted (advertising) cookies are used to summarise information on websites visited by the users. This allows to offer the services offered by our company or our partners that the particular user is interested in to the respective user, as well as to forward offers that conform to the interests of particular users to the respective users. Usually these cookies are placed by third parties, for instance, Google Adwords pursuant to the permission of the website owner and in accordance with the indicated objectives. The targeted cookies are usually stored on the device of the user constantly.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics software is used to ensure the functionality of the website. Information on your website using habits received by means of these cookie files is sent to Google and/or Yandex servers abroad, and therefore it may be stored outside Latvia or the European Union. This information may be stored, for instance, in the territory of the USA.

In accordance with Terms and Conditions of Google Inc. service provision and Terms and Conditions of Google Analytics service provision, Google will use this information for the assessment of website use and in order to draw up reports on the activity of the visitors of the website. You may refuse to use the cookies of Google Analytics by downloading and installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on plug-in.

For more detail on Google Analytics tools, operation, as well as provision of data protection and confidentiality, follow this link.


“Squarespace” records data about the visitor's behavior on the site. This is used for internal analysis and website optimization. For more information, follow this link.

6. What Purposes (Tasks) do we Use Cookies For uses cookies to improve the experience of use of our websites and portals, namely:

  • To ensure functionality and management of the website;

  • For adaptation of website functionality in accordance with the habits of the user, for instance, regarding the language of use;

  • For collection of website use statistics, standard log records are collected: number of visitors, duration of a visit, time of connection, IP-address, model and type of devices and other anonymous information on your activities on the website;

  • To “remember” about the provided consent of website visitor to process non-mandatory cookies;

  • In the event of the use of technical services, cookies are used to ensure a protected connection with the customer;

Information stored within a cookie is not used to identify you as a natural person.

7. How Long Are Cookies Stored?

Unless specified otherwise, cookies are stored until they implement the assigned functions. After the implementation of the respective function, the cookies are deleted.

8. Consent or Refusal to Use Cookies

When you enter our website, a notification with the information that the website uses cookies is displayed by the website. You may give your consent or withdraw your consent to use cookies at any time. You may change the choice you have made - you need to clear your browser's cache, then a cookie banner with the consent form will appear. By clicking on “Accept all” or “Required only” you confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions of the use of cookies, including information on cookies and the purposes of their use, as well as that you confirm the selected options regarding the particular types of cookies. The security settings of any Internet browser allow to limit the use of cookies or turn off cookies. Nevertheless, keep in mind that full functionality of the operation of the website will be impossible, if you decide to turn off mandatory cookies.

9. Contact Information

To learn more about us and how we process your personal data, read our Privacy Policy or contact us by e-mail

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