Folding electric scooter, designed both for smart mobility and leisure activities.

SWAN electric scooter is an elegant personal mobility vehicle with a unique foldable aluminum frame. Equipped with hydraulic brakes and weighing under 15 kg, it is optimized for safe city commutes.

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  • wheel diameter

    16 inches

  • travel range

    up to 35 km

  • weight

    14.5 kg


Safety of the rider is the top priority. That’s why we have created a balanced platform that is light in weight but heavy in safeness with its reinforced frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which meets all safety requirements.
SWAN has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to ensure both abrupt and smooth stops.


SWAN is designed for your comfort. Its big 16 inch wheels and wide handlebars will give the impression that you’re gliding rather than riding.


Equipped with patented folding mechanism. Being the most lightweight e-scooter in its class at 14.5 kg, your powerful SWAN is compact and portable: fit for long-distance riding, at the same time it is small enough to put in the trunk of a car or into your closet.


A wide platform provides comfortable space for both feet while driving. The spacious platform significantly enhances stability and balance while riding. This feature is especially beneficial for beginners and individuals seeking increased confidence when navigating the road.

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How to use SWAN E-Scooter